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By calling 03 to call the emergency medical team, it is necessary to formulate (clearly) to the dispatcher the patient's symptoms and indicators of his blood pressure. Basically, hospitalization can be avoided, provided that the patient's hypertensive crisis is not complicated by damage to the internal organs. But you also need to be prepared for the fact that hospitalization may be required if a hypertensive crisis first arose.

  • A patient with an attack of a hypertensive crisis in bed should put a few extra pillows, thereby giving him a semi-sitting position of the body. This very important measure is necessary to prevent suffocation or shortness of breath, and it can often occur during a hypertensive crisis.
  • Before the arrival of the ambulance is necessary. If a person is already on outpatient treatment for hypertension, he must definitely take a dose (extraordinary) of his antihypertensive medication. The drug will work best if taken sublingually, so to speak, by resorption under the tongue.
  • It is necessary to strive to lower the pressure of arterial indicators by 30 mm. mercury column for half an hour and 50 mm. mercury column within one hour of the initial blood pressure readings. When it was possible to achieve a good decrease, then additional methods of lowering blood pressure should not be taken.
  • It is also dangerous to “knock down” blood pressure very sharply to normal levels, because this can lead to cerebral circulatory disorders, sometimes irreversible. You can also take sedative drugs, such as Valocardin, to normalize the patient's excited psycho-emotional state, help him get rid of fear, panic and anxiety.

A person with a hypertensive crisis should not take all kinds of medications unless absolutely necessary until the doctor arrives. This is an extremely unjustified risk. It would be more correct to wait for the arrival of the emergency ambulance team, which will select the most suitable drug and be able to inject it. The same team of doctors, if necessary, can decide on the hospitalization of the patient in the hospital or make a decision on his treatment on an outpatient basis, that is, at home.


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After the relief of a hypertensive crisis has been made, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist or therapist so that he can choose the best antihypertensive agent for adequate treatment of hypertension. The consequences of a hypertensive crisis can be truly terrible. These may be irreversible changes in internal organs and systems, which in the future will necessarily affect the quality of life of the patient. In order to live normally, in the future, after an attack of a hypertensive crisis, it is necessary to observe prophylaxis.

  • Prevention of hypertensive crises is a mandatory complex event, it includes the following. Continuous monitoring of blood pressure. It is necessary to make it a rule, regardless of the general state of health, to measure blood pressure several times a day.
  • Taking medications to lower blood pressure prescribed by the attending doctor for life. If you resort to such therapy, as well as once a month do not forget to visit your doctor, hypertensive crises in most cases can be prevented. If necessary, try to avoid all sorts of stressful situations. To do this, you can also resort to some psychotherapeutic techniques (for example, hypnosis or autogenic training).
  • You need to include physical activity in your daily routine. Completely eliminate nicotine and alcohol from your lifestyle. It is with their abuse that a sharp and persistent spasm of blood vessels occurs, the consequences of which can be very, very tragic.

It is necessary to strictly control the weight, because overweight patients, as a rule, have elevated blood sugar levels, which in case of a hypertensive crisis threatens with serious complications. Hypovitaminosis of group K is accompanied by a violation of the formation of prothrombin in the liver, which is directly involved in the processes of blood coagulation. The result of an insufficient content of vikasol in the body is a tendency to hemorrhagic phenomena, which are quite difficult to eliminate.

Among the therapeutic measures for the treatment of hypovitaminosis, the most effective is replacement therapy with the use of fortified preparations, as well as sufficient consumption of food products containing the maximum concentration of one or another vitamin.


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The most common source of bleeding is the nasal and oral cavities, however, with a pronounced deficiency of vitamin K, a generalized petechial rash appears throughout the skin and even the phenomenon of intracranial hemorrhage. The key to successful treatment of hypovitaminosis is the correction of eating behavior, since when using a balanced diet, the human body receives not only vitamins in their pure form, but also the substances involved in their synthesis.

Various pharmaceutical companies offer a wide range of medicines containing one or a group of vitamins. With hypovitaminosis, most experts recommend the use of multivitamin drugs containing several vitamin components in therapeutic ratios. The advantages of using multivitamin preparations compared with monotherapy are that an insufficient content of one group of vitamins can have a negative effect on the balance of other vitamins, and also that vitamin deficiency in most patients is accompanied by a deficiency of several vitamins.